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USPSA is a shooting sport combining Accuracy, Power, and Speed. Shooting for points is weighed against shooting quickly, while giving a scoring advantage to those shooting heavier recoiling handguns. Targets consist of standardized cardboard silhouettes and various metal reactive targets that fall when hit.

A match is divided into smaller stages that range from a few rounds to over thirty rounds for a longer field course. USPSA shooting is unique in its promotion of freestyle solving of a shooting problem. When presented with a stage layout, shooters are told the basic guidelines and are left to solve the shooting problem themselves; coming up with the best solution to shoot the stage quickly and efficiently in your head balances the mental with the physical ability. You have to think and be creative to excel, and that is really the spark that ignites this sport.

Check the club calendar for details. 

Saraspa USPSA New Member Requirements

New competitors, both non-members and club members alike are always welcome. We do ask that you send an email before coming by so we can make sure we know that you're coming on the property. 

Be sure to bring your own eye and ear protection. Non-club members will have to sign a liability waiver.

Email us at:

    USPSA Rules

    You don't need to read all the rules before checking out the sport, but we suggest you take a look.  Take a look at the rules of the sport. 

    Local Matches

    We do not have a published schedule available for our matches yet, but they will be available for registration on the free website,

    Match dates and pricing will be available on Practiscore.

    Friends of SaraSpa

    Friends of SaraSpa

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