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Shotgun Field Rules

1.        All General rules apply.

2.        The shotgun field is for shotguns only.

3.        Ammunition Restrictions:  12ga and under; target loads only, #8 shot or smaller.

4.        Regular  The range hours are:

Sat/Sun:        9:00 am to 2:00 pm,

Tues:              6:00 pm to 8:00 pm,

5.        The shotgun field is only for use during scheduled shoots, supervised by a member of the Shotgun Committee.

6.        All persons on the shotgun field must follow the directives of the supervising Shotgun Committee member.

The shotgun field supports trap, 5 Stand and patterning. Rules specific to each of these activities are provided below.

Trap Shooting

Trap shooting uses the trap house thrower only. The thrower may be set to throw clay targets in various patterns based on the type of trap event (standard, wobble or training)

1.    Shooting is allowed only from the designated stations on the elevated trap platform.

2.    Shotguns may be loaded with only one shell at a time.

3.    Only the active shooter may chamber a shell.

4.    Non-active shooters:

a.    Must maintain shotgun actions open

b.    Must point muzzle in a safe direction.

c.    May place a single shell in the receiver or magazine

5.    Observers must remain behind the trap platform while a round is in progress.

Shotgun Patterning

The pattern board is located 40 yards down range on the right side of the shotgun field.  The patterning board firing line is in line with the southern wall of the low house.

1.    The patterning board is not for general use and requires the presence of a shotgun committee member

2.    The patterning board may not be used during a trap or 5-Stand round.


The 5-Stand event uses multiple clay target throwers with shooters in each of the five platform positions. To maintain shooter safety and keep shot fall zones on the shotgun field, the allowable arc of fire for each shooter must be restricted. The 5-Stand Range Rules below explain how each shooter is required to establish and maintain their allowable arc of fire.

5-Stand Range Rules

Definition of Terms:

Range Limit Marker:  The Range Limit Marker is a yellow pole, 100 yards down range, on the right side of the shotgun field.

Station-poles:             The white poles mounted vertically at each firing position on the platform. The Station-poles are only used during 5 Stand shoots.

1.    At each position on the platform, shooters must stand such that when their shotgun is in contact with the Station-pole, their shotgun  remains pointed to the left of the Range Limit Marker

2.    If a shooter changes foot position in-between shots at their station, they must repeat Step 1 to establish their allowable firing arc.

3.    The number of shells that may be loaded into a shotgun is set by the target sequence and will be defined by the committee member running the 5-Stand event.

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