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1.        Only the highest degree of safety and good sportsmanship will be tolerated. All standard operating procedures, general and range specific rules, and club by-laws must be followed by all persons on the club property. Violations will result in BOD and possible criminal action against the member or guest involved. Trespassers will be arrested and prosecuted.

2.        No loaded firearms in common access areas, (grounds, buildings, vehicles…) or on indoor and outdoor ranges unless on a firing line.

3.        Members and guests must sign the logbook whenever entering club property, whether shooting or not. The date, time in and out, and membership number (printed on your key card) are required.  For guests, enter “Guest” in the member number area. Guests must sign a waiver one per year. (extras in clubhouse)

4.        No handling of firearms of any kind on a shooting range when persons are down range.

5.        Slow fire ONLY on ALL ranges.  Slow Fire = 1 shot per second.  Double taps (i.e., two shots in rapid succession) are permitted – but, you must pause for a least one second between each two shot group.

6.        A safe muzzle direction must be maintained at all times.

7.        Trigger finger control.  If your sights are off target, your finger needs to be off the trigger.

8.        Treat all firearms as loaded.

9.        Dogs welcome.  Must be leashed at all times.  You must clean up after your dog.

10.     All persons, shooters or spectators, are required to wear ear and eye protection while on or near any range where firearms are in use.

11.     When there are two (2) or more persons on the range, the group will designate a range leader to call the line and coordinate the activity to insure safety. All persons are responsible to follow all general rules and the rules of the particular range that they may be shooting on.

12.     When moving to and from different ranges, all firearms will be secured in a case or carried in the following manner.

Rifle/ Shotgun – Actions open, bolts, slides and levers open.

Pistols – Cylinder open, slide back, may be holstered empty, no magazine.

13.     Approved targets only. Bottles, cans and other objects are not acceptable. Any steel or other shooting devices may only be used on the outdoor ranges during scheduled and supervised shooting activities (not during informal personal shooting).

14.     No drawing from the holster except for BOD approved activities. No hip shooting, point shooting, or fanning unless approved by the BOD and during a supervised activity.

15.     No fully automatic firearms are allowed on any range.

16.     Possession of any drugs or alcohol on the club property is prohibited. This includes any facilities. Any person found violating this rule will face disciplinary action by the Board.

17.     Members may have a maximum of two (2) guests at any given time. Repeated use by a guest is discouraged (ask the guest to join). Members are responsible for their guests while on club property and must accompany guests at all times.

18.     Carry in – carry out policy. All targets, ammo inserts and garbage. You are responsible for picking up your spent brass and removing targets when finished. Make sure all club buildings are secured upon your departure. Lights off, ventilation system off, doors closed, kitchen cleaned if used.

19.     A parent or guardian who is a SaraSpa member must accompany persons under the age of 18.

20.     All damages to club property; facilities, ranges, equipment, buildings must be reported to the BOD promptly, (within 24 hours) by the person causing the damage, or the activity director in charge at the time the damage occurs.

21.     No hunting on club grounds.

22.     Club Speed Limit:  5 mph

Friends of SaraSpa

Friends of SaraSpa

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