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Indoor Range Rules

1.        All general rules apply.

2.        Open 24 hours, 7 days a week unless a previously scheduled activity, rental, meeting or class is scheduled.

3.        Only ammunition that is under 2000 FPS may be used.

4.        Only pistols and .22 rimfire rifles are allowed. Allowed rifles must still comply with the 2000 fps and under rule. Pistols firing ammunition with a muzzle velocity in excess of 2000 FPS (e.g. the FN Five-seveN), Shotguns and other rifles such as, but not limited to .22 magnum and .17 HMR are prohibited.

5.        Pistol calibers up to 500 S&W Mag are allowed. Most bullets are allowed. Example; FMJ, FMC, FN, FPJ, HP, SP, JHP, LSWC.  All must still comply with the < 2000 fps rule.

6.        No armor piercing, Teflon tracers, incendiary, steel core or other exotic ammunition are allowed.

7.        No angle shooting. Shoot only perpendicular to backstop line. Stay in your target’s lane.

8.        No BB guns allowed however Pellet guns, shooting lead pellets, are allowed.

9.        Clean up after yourself, (targets, brass, boxes, etc.) and place in receptacles or remove from property.

10.     If used, shooting tables and archery backs must be returned along side wall.

11.     Archery target butts must be rolled to the downrange position prior to shooting.  No cross-lane shooting allowed.

12.     When shooting Archery, only target tips, no broad-head tip arrows.

13.     Keep access to the indoor range backdoor clear. The door serves as an alternate fire exit and must remain clear both inside and outside the building.

Friends of SaraSpa

Friends of SaraSpa

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