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50 Yard Range Rules

1.        All General rules apply.

2.        Range hours are from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm or sunset whichever comes first. Range is open 7 days a week.  The range is not available during scheduled activities.

3.        All firing must be done from the firing line, under the covered firing position.

4.        Targets must be placed at either 25 or 50 yards using the permanent frames. No other distances are allowed.

5.        Both firing lines (trap station and 50 yard range) must be called clear prior to going down range.

6.        All targets must be placed so that bullets strike the back berm (Not the ground or over shot protection). Do not place targets in front of the upright supports of the target backers

7.        No shooting forward of the firing line unless approved by the BOD at a scheduled, supervised activity or event.

8.        No angle shooting. Bullets must impact the back berm, not sides or safety walls. Stay in your targets lane.

9.        Clean up after yourself, (targets, brass, boxes, etc.) and place in receptacles or remove from property.

10.     Range is open for the following shooting positions: standing (offhand), kneeling, sitting, prone, and bench rest.

11.     When posting targets walk down the left side outside the safety wall.  Do not walk under the overshot protection.

Friends of SaraSpa

Friends of SaraSpa

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