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 SaraSpa Women’s Shooting League

 Women at SaraSpa

The number of women joining SaraSpa has risen dramatically over the last few years. Many women are regular participants in SaraSpa activities such as Bullseye, IDPA, Shotgun, High Power and the rimfire fun-shoots. For those who want a regular outlet to meet with other women and improve their shooting skills, we offer a Women’s Shooting League on Wednesdays evenings. We meet Wednesdays except for the first Wednesday which is reserved for board meetings.

Women’s Events at SaraSpa

We alternate between rifle and pistols each week. For rifle nights, women are encouraged to bring a .22LR rifle if they currently own one or they can try various rifles available to us through NRA grants and programs offered from CMP. Please bring at least 50 to 100 rds of .22LR ammo. Some women prefer semi-automatic until they try a nice bolt action. For beginners we recommend finding out your preference before going out to purchase a rifle if you don’t already have one. We can help!

To participate on pistol nights, women must have a valid pistol permit. Other events such as Trap, Rimfire Shoots and Archery events are held occasionally and are announced via email. You must be 12 years of age, or older (women under 16 must have a parent or guardian present).

Fees per night are $5. You do not need to be a SaraSpa member to join us! Please check the SaraSpa calendar for details. 

NRA Programs 

We offer several programs from the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program including the Rimfire, 4 position Rifle and Pistol Qualifications. Participation in the program is not required. However numerous women have earned their Distinguished Expert ranking, many who had never shot before. To participate in a program it is a one time fee of $15. We do not compete against each other but work together and encourage each other in a very fun and friendly environment as we work our way through the programs on an individual basis. 

For pistol nights, we shoot AP2 targets per the NRA Pistol Qualification program. All calibers are allowed as long as they comply with range rules. If you have questions, feel free to contact Maisey at the address below.

How to join us

Send an email to Colleen Barry at to be added to the Women's League email list for weekly updates.

Friends of SaraSpa

Friends of SaraSpa

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