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Tactical Rifle



Saturday, June 16th 10:00 AM

Sunday, July 15th 10:00 AM

Saturday, August 5th 10:00 AM

Saturday, September 16th 10:00AM

Match Fees:

$10.00 Members,

$15.00 Non-members

Course of Fire Subject to Change

Suggested Minimum - 100 Rounds of Ammunition

Distance and Target


Number of Shoots

7 yds. -  Color Target

NRA – NDM 5-120


10  shots  total  – 2  shots  each  color

15 yds.  – Color  Target

NRA – NDM 5-120


15 shots total – load   1 magazine   5rds, 1 magazine10 rds.  Shoot 5 shots  white  target; Magazine change;  2shots each color

30 yds.  – Color  Target

NRA – NDM 5-120

Standing, Right andLeft  of  Barricade

10  shots  total  – 1  shot  each  color strong  hand   and strong hand side of barricade; 1  shot  each  color  weak  hand and  weak  hand  side  of  barricade

60 yds.  – Silhouette  Target

NRA – D 1

StandingKneeling Prone

15 shots total – load 1 magazine   5 Rds.

1 magazine 10 rds.

Shoot   5shots  standing;  magazine   change;  

5 shots each kneeling and prone.

100 yds.  – Silhouette  Target

NRA – D 1

Standing, Kneeling,

Kneeling, Standing

from  Barricade

8  shots  total  – 2  shots  standing,  2  shots

kneeling  right of barricade; 2  shots  kneeling,  2  shots   standing   left  of barricade

This is a timed event scoring.

Start time begins with safety briefing and explanation of the course of fire and a review of the range commands we will be using in the session.

To sign-up for one of the 18 positions contact GerryPhone: 518-376-8248 or E-mail:

Friends of SaraSpa

Friends of SaraSpa

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